Turkish coffee

Perhaps there is no one who has not heard such a thing as “Turkish coffee”, but how many can boast that they have tried real Mehmet Efendi coffee?

And the point is not that it is difficult to buy or order (the online store is replete with a variety of offers), but in the special reference quality of the product. Due to the climatic features of Turkey, coffee is not grown on its territory. All Turkish coffee is made from imported raw materials from Ethiopia, Colombia or Brazil. The types of coffee obtained are the result of many years of experiments, traditions, experience and family recipes, which give each coffee raw material special taste and aroma properties. In this sense, Turkish coffee Mehmed Efendi is the most authentic.

Mehmed Efendi, now a well-known family coffee business, started back in 1871 in Istanbul as a small shop selling roasted coffee beans. In it, one could not only buy natural coffee, but also learn special recipes on how to brew delicious coffee at home. The hospitable owner was famous for his hospitality and, before buying coffee, he recommended tasting a wonderful drink. There was something amazing about this coffee drinking. When coffee with sugar, candied fruits and oriental sweets was brought to an ordinary tent behind the Egyptian bazaar, and the coffee pot looked like a work of art ... the guests involuntarily felt like they were in an oriental fairy tale, a piece of which they took with them in a neat paper bundle with an ink print "Ground Coffee . Mehmed Effendi.

Currently, Mehmet Efendi factories are leaders in the production of Turkish coffee. And this applies not only to production volumes, but also to the special quality of products. Exclusive methods of steaming selected high-quality raw materials, soft roasting and special grinding are all good reasons to order coffee and enjoy its unique taste.

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